Connecting Europe with impact investment opportunities in Spain and Latam

Valencia (Spain), June 8, 2022 - Social Nest Foundation seeks to encourage the mobilization of capital in Latin America through its Fi Impact Investing initiative, which sets out to inspire, educate and connect capital holders and managers, and European philanthropic foundations with regard to the impact investment opportunities in the region by connecting both continents and creating collective learning processes.

The first of the Fi actions planned for this year will be held in Amsterdam on June 15, a gathering of selected funds and startups that are helping solve the most pressing social and environmental problems in Spain and Latin America and individual European investors and family offices, with the aim of connecting the latter with real investment opportunities and sharing with them the experiences of private investors who are already deploying capital in these regions.

Fi Gathering Amsterdam will feature expert impact investors such as Luca Torre, Founder and Co-CEO of GAWA Capital, who will share his experience investing in Spain and Latin America to inspire other European investors to consider those markets; Wouter Koelewijn, Senior Advisor at The GIIN; Eric Buckens, Director ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund; Ellen Oetelmans, Program Manager at Amsterdam Impact; Veerle Berbers, Co-Founder at PYM; and Björn Vennema, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Social Finance NL, representing the Amsterdam Impact Ecosystem; and Tim Radjy, Founder of AlphaMundi Group, who has extensive experience investing in Latin America and emerging markets in general, and is a renowned advocate for impact investing. The event will also count with Margarita Albors, Founder and President of Social Nest Foundation, who will contribute to the discussion through her in depth knowledge of the Spanish impact sector.

In Spain, impact investing has gained momentum as of 2019, with the creation of SpainNAB, the National Advisory Council for Impact Investing, of which Social Nest Foundation is a member of its board. In its 2020 report, published together with ESADE Business School, it estimates the size of the impact sector in Spain at 2,378 million euros of assets under management, which represents a growth of 26% compared to 2019.

Spanish and Latin American impact funds will be represented at Fi Gathering Amsterdam by Zubi Capital, Amazonia Impact Ventures and Kaya Impacto. Impact startups will include Mamotest (Argentina), ClimateTrade (Spain), COCO Inc. (Colombia), Plant on Demand (Spain), and Closca (Spain). All of which represent very attractive investing opportunities for Dutch and European investors.

Fi Gathering Amsterdam has the support of The GIIN, Toniic, BMW Foundation, The Next Web, Social Finance NL, Latimpacto, NAB Colombia, Innpulsa Colombia, SpainNAB, Zubi Capital, and Open Value Foundation, among other impact ecosystem partners.

For more information and registration, please visit the event website.