Startup Programs

We support and accompany those undertaking initiatives that will have a positive social and environmental impact. We develop acceleration programs for ideas and impact startups that will boost their chances for success.

Siten Mandalia
CEO of Solaris Offgrid
"The Social Nest Foundation program has provided Solaris Offgrid with access to impact focused entrepreneurs and investors through various events and introductions, which has been important to build presence and a network to help with growth. Furthermore, the Social Nest Foundation collaborative space, The Nest, has been an important space for the team to work alongside some of Spain's leading impact entrepreneurs to share ideas and collaborate."
Natalia Valle
CEO of Plant on Demand
“The workshops were really useful and always with great professionals. We developed valuable knowledge that we could apply immediately in the day-to-day running of our startup. In addition, the network of mentors is the best you can find at a Spanish level within the social world.”
Juan Peña
CEO of Orbital EOS
“Social Nest Foundation provided us with a clear understanding of what impact investment is and a very nice experience in learning how to approach international markets.”
Adriana Mata
CEO of Cuantix
“The mentors of the program were very effective in helping us in key points to improve our pitch and how we view our business. Those insights you get out of a 1 hour meeting can make a difference, and of course, create the network that will push forward your company.”