20 startups selected for Llamp 3i Impact Management and Measurement Program

Valencia, June 26, 2023 - 20 startups have been selected to participate in the first edition of the Impact Management and Measurement Program powered by Social Nest Foundation as part of the Llamp 3i initiative of the General Directorate of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Valencian Government, Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce, and Labor.

These 20 emerging companies, driven by sustainability and technology, are in a state of growth and development that requires the implementation of an impact measurement system. The program will provide mentoring and necessary tools to effectively carry out this process.

The mentoring program for impact measurement will consist of various contents and methodologies focused on impact measurement, from identifying the impact model and potential impacts, to defining the theory of change and constructing a measurement model and measurement matrix (dashboard) for periodic and systematic impact measurement. Additionally, suitable information and reporting systems will be defined for each startup.

List of selected startups:

Application that uses Artificial Intelligence to obtain body measurements and facilitate the purchase of clothing or personal items.

Online grocery store that sells food directly from farmers with fast delivery.

Amalia Kavak
Buy-sell and leasing of urban and rural properties. Sustainable construction and renovations on these properties, as well as the development of sustainable real estate projects. Marketing, import, and export of sustainable construction materials.

Bioscore Sustainability
Bioscore provides the necessary tools to efficiently and easily manage sustainability in the hotel sector.

Bumerania Robotics
They combine social robotics with artificial intelligence to improve people's quality of life. Specialized in offering solutions for the health, geriatric, clinic, and optical sectors, among others.

Fitplanet Brand
Sustainable sportswear that protects marine biodiversity. They manufacture their garments using plastic bottles and fishing nets rescued from the Mediterranean Sea.

100% sustainable edible cutlery, as an alternative to single-use plastic.

Gradhoc Smart
Gradhoc has created a vertical cooling model that can improve energy efficiency through algorithmic optimization of facilities and consumer experience.

Ibions helps people with cancer through nutrition, aiming to optimize the effect of hospital treatments and reduce their side effects, thereby improving prognosis and quality of life.

Irene Ramos Aranda
Digital marketing and social media communication services for organic, biodynamic, regenerative, and sustainable farmers.

Iwichain develops software based on Blockchain technology to transform dubious information into real, truthful, and transparent information in sectors such as waste management, construction, public sector, governance, and the environment.

A handmade clothing company committed to sustainability and animal welfare. They use natural fibers and ensure the traceability of their materials from origin to the final product. Additionally, they promote local trade and work with suppliers who offer fair prices throughout the production process.

Sekond Brand
Sekond Brand introduces a new approach to sustainable fashion, where users decide how to transform second-hand garments to extend the life of these products.

Miivo Mobility
Application that facilitates sustainable mobility by addressing current issues such as the need to download a separate application for each mean of transport or the limited digitalization of certain means.

Nia Marlua
Jewelry brand.

Senssal Solutions
Senssal has developed a device for water-saving and responsible consumption in toilets, achieving a 70% reduction in water usage.

Supernieto helps large companies enhance their brand image and gain market share by implementing senior technological education strategies and generating social impact.

Robotic systems aimed at providing efficient automation solutions that help improve productivity in various fields of application, such as industrial, logistics, or healthcare processes.

Viu a ta Casa Cooperativa Valenciana
In-home care service for the elderly.

Construction company specializing in high-rise multifamily buildings that employ technical wood as the main building material, promoting component-based and sustainable industrialized construction.