The Gap In Between, the gathering for addressing the most pressing social and environmental problems

· It will be held on October 24 and 25 at La Marina of Valencia, where over a thousand people are expected to attend including investors, startups, companies and top-level experts as featured speakers.

· Organized by Social Nest Foundation, it aims to connect citizens with the various actors in the innovative impact ecosystem to address the most pressing challenges

Valencia, July 10, 2023. The Gap In Between, the annual gathering bringing together different stakeholders in the impact ecosystem from around the world to address the most pressing social and environmental challenges, is coming to Spain, specifically to La Marina of Valencia this upcoming 24th and 25th of October.

Organized by Social Nest Foundation, the global platform for investors and entrepreneurs with social and environmental impact initiatives, the forum will be a meeting and connecting point for co-creating innovative solutions, fostering collaboration among purpose-driven organizations and harnessing the power of everyone to change the world.

Some of the gathering's most notable main goals are the interest in generating greater business opportunities and growth for startups and impact entrepreneurs, in addition to attracting, mobilizing and bringing onboard new stakeholders like the public sector and citizenry to generate solutions and join the ecosystem.

For two days, nearly a thousand attendees will get to take part in a program made up of plenary sessions, panels, workshops, visits to the local ecosystem, pitches and networking sessions, plus many other activities. A variety of activities over the course of which topics such as decarbonization, the future of plastics, mental health, financial innovation and diversity and inclusion will be discussed.

For Marta del Castillo, CEO of Social Nest Foundation, “The Gap in Between is the platform for accelerating solutions to humanity's great challenges. These challenges can only be overcome through the collaboration of all the stakeholders or interest groups, but there are not so many spaces where they might get addressed, where business leaders, owners and managers of capital, decision makers and public authorities, disruptors, entrepreneurs, foundations and citizens come together to propose and co-create solutions using innovation and technology as accelerators. How can we put new technology and disruption at the service of humanity in order to generate positive impact?”

The Gap In Between has institutional support from the Generalitat Valenciana and the Valencia City Council, as well as from Ashoka, Caixa Popular, Zubi Group and Unicef.