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About Equitability

In the era of planetary crises, the role of companies is questioned on a daily basis, and it is increasingly urgent for all ecosystem actors and businesses to champion the path of sustainability. In recent years, we have experienced a true sustainability boom, but are we facing a new trend or are we really already behind in the new way of doing business?

Equitability, an initiative powered by Area101 and Social Nest Foundation, is the meeting space for sustainability and innovation directors with the aim of sharing and discovering success stories of leading companies that have operationalized the integration of innovation and sustainability as part of their business, turning sustainability into a true competitive advantage.

Past events

Equitability at The Gap In Between
October 25, 2023
La Marina de Valencia, Valencia

Equitability Night
September 20, 2023
Aticco Workspace Madrid

Sustainability as the cornerstone of smart cities
March 30, 2023
TNW València, Valencia

Equitability: Bridging Sustainability and Innovation
February 16, 2023
Google Campus, Madrid


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