Caixa Popular organises the GreenX Fair in the framework of The Gap in Between

Valencia, October 10, 2023 - Caixa Popular and Social Nest Foundation select 10 green ventures with market products and 6 startups with high impact potential to participate in the GreenX Fair to be held at The Gap in Between on October 25th at La Marina de Valencia.

The event will offer a sustainable marketplace and an exhibition area for startups, with the presence of the ventures and the startups selected by Caixa Popular, among others.

List of the 10 green ventures that will participate at The Gap in Between's sustainable marketplace:

Urbànima designs vegan and sustainable footwear for women made in Spain.

Sepiiaa is a smart clothing brand, which, through technology, manages to design clothes that do not need ironing, do not smell of body odour, are breathable, elastic and resist water or oil-based stains.

Aeioluz is a Valencian cooperative that operates as facilitators of energy change, to get municipalities, businesses and educational communities to make a more conscious, sustainable and responsible use of energy.

Next Electric Motors
Next Electric Motors is accelerating the electrification of urban mobility by creating affordable electric scooters with lightweight, removable batteries that can be recharged at any conventional socket.

Timpers is a shoe company based in Alicante whose main purpose is to improve the working and social conditions of people with disabilities. 100% of its staff has some kind of disability.

Valua was founded with the mission to support and help the sector of professional fallero artists, a unique craft that forms part of Valencian culture and tradition and which is in danger of disappearing.

Recykyo is dedicated to the manufacture of recycled products from textile waste.

Sailor is a sustainable consumption group dedicated to create a beer that helps to conserve the Mediterranean by conserving beaches and the seabed.

Slowers makes organic, vegan and beautiful shoes, in Alicante, to walk at a different pace.

Closca gives visibility to people and brands that have sustainable habits. We do this so that when they are used they can show others that we can create a more conscious society with better habits.

List of the 6 impact startups that will have a booth in the exhibition area of The Gap in Between:

Gaia Charge
Gaia Charge offers an affordable electric car charging network, promoting sustainable mobility and clean energy sources.

Green Urban Data
Green Urban Data is an environmental Big Data platform to help cities adapt to climate change, facilitating decision making, aimed at developing environmental strategies and improving the quality of life of citizens.

Cerian helps people to be more energy efficient in the use of hot shower water, recover & reuse circular energy.

Sekond offers creative recycling solutions to transform inventory problems into valuable assets that enhance brand image, ensure environmental sustainability and benefit the community.

ForestChain is a Blockchain-based platform for the digitisation of the timber industry that ensures chain-of-custody traceability and legislative compliance.

In Reset
In Rest is a Women's empowerment universe offering e-learning from their online academy as well as selling experiences, all based on the 3 pillars of the company: Empowerment, Self-Advocacy and Women's Entrepreneurship.