From a social problem to a sustainable business

In Social Nest we promote sustainable businesses to have a positive social impact.

We support people who bring innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and doubts you may have as an entrepreneur. Is my idea viable? Is anyone going to buy my products? How do I get the financial resources I need?



We carry out training programmes and workshops with experts in key areas such as social innovation, strategic planning, business development and financial management.



Our mentors will professionally accompany you throughout the kick-start process of your social enterprise. Over 1,000 hours of mentoring have demonstrated to us that it is possible to minimize the risks related to launching a social Enterprise.



We will introduce you to a wide network of companies and investors that will fund your project if they believe in it. Entities such as BigBan or La Caixa have already collaborated with us.



We will broadcast your project in the media and in social networks. In addition, our events will be the perfect opportunity to promote your project.


Working area

In our space, you will be able to work alongside other like-minded people. Entrepreneurs who understand your concerns and give you the boost you need in hard times.


Follow Up

Once your project is launched, we will keep track of your progress. The reason is simple: we want your social company to fulfill its mission grow in a sustainable and sustained manner.

Never forget the reason why you started

The journey of a social entrepreneur is full of obstacles and uncertainty. There will even be times when you’ll be tempted to give up. Social Nest knows it. That is why we look for passionate people who are not scared of working hard. 100% committed entrepreneurs to their project keep in mind why they started this trip