sostenibilidad-a-medida-socialnestSostenibilidad a medida

Spreading sustainability from Almería

Juanjo Amate is an Andalusian environmentalist who describes himself as a “sustainability builder”. With his project, Sostenibilidad a Medida (tailor-made sustainability), he helps companies find the balance between financial growth and environmental impact.

This is a  difficult, but not impossible, challenge for Juanjo; a passionate person, with a rich cultural background and a creative mind..

Thanks to his events and his actions, he is planting seeds of sustainability in companies and organizations around him..These seeds have led to the growth of green businesses.

nunna-online-socialnestNunna online

Parents and teachers united by technology

Daniela and Jota have two daughters. When it was time to take their children to nursery school, they were faced with a serious problem: they had a hard time communicating with teachers because of the difficulty of coordinating parents’ and teachers’ schedules.

Faced with this problem, Daniela and Jota decided to create Nunna. Nunna is an online calendar which facilitates a more fluid interaction between teachers and parents. It is the link between the two pillars of the youngster’s education: the school and the family.

More than 2,000 parents are already using Nunna Online technology in order to enhance their children’s education.


From waste to resource

Although coffee capsules seem to be harmless, they are a dangerous to our environment. They are so small that they cannot be managed by the current collection system. Moreover, coffee produces methane, a gas that is 20 times more harmful than CO2.

Pablo and Roberto have developed a pioneering system that recycle coffee and tea capsules that have, up until now, ended up in garbage dumps . As if that weren’t enough, they also pick  up capsules from houses and transform the coffee grounds into a high-quality fertilizer.

In other words, they transform waste into a valuable resource for farmers, growers and landscaping companies.


Ingredients with designation of origin

How about if we move to the Andean and Amazonian regions of Peru? From there, Alicia and John work with local producers in order to obtain natural ingredients that are used to develop medicines, food and cosmetics.

Fruits, vegetables and indigenous pulses are harvested responsibly, without endangering native biodiversity and preventing the overexploitation of the territory.

Q’omer proves that it is possible to produce environmentally friendly consumption products.