Three programmes like three bright stars

Social Nest carries out different programmes in order to, designed to launch and encourage social programmes such as yours. If you have an idea that may change the world or if you are already working for change, join us.


Departure lab


A great idea only generates impact if it is viable and sustainable. This program is designed to validate your project and to discover its potential. You will have access to quality trainers and mentors that will help you develop your initial project proposal.

  • Training sessions to develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Validation of your business model with the help of experts
  • Strategic clearness, motivation and down-to-earth ideas


Driving program


Are you convinced that your idea has potential? This program will give you the necessary tools to pass tests, validate your value proposition and attract investors.

  • Training in finance, marketing, sales, legal issues…
  • Courses with mentors specialized in strategy and investment
  • Methodologies to improve your value proposal and funding access


Advance focus


If your social company is already working and it’s time to move forward to another level, we will help you to find a sustainable growth method in order to help you to accelerate without being derailed.

  • Perfect programme in order to reinforce your social company
  • Classroom sessions with mentors who are specialized in strategy and funding
  • Access to investors who will help you improve specific areas of your project

A nonconformist community

Entrepreneurship is hard, but nobody said it you had to do it alone. In addition to helping you improve your project, Social Nest offers a workspace where you can share experiences with other entrepreneurs; learn the keys to networking and launching a/your sustainable social enterprise.

Coworking + Training + Events

Which projects do we launch?

Yes, we admit it… we are pretty demanding. In order to access to our programmes, candidates go through a rigorous selection process. The social needs that we face require that we give the most of ourselves and demand that you give the most of yourselves.

We look for ideas to improve vulnerable people’s lives

  • Health
  • Education
  • Human rights
  • Citizens’ participation
  • Economic development
  • Environment

We support initiatives at any development stage

  • Idea stage
  • Validation stage
  • Growth stage

We select solid projects with great impact potential

  • Large Target Market with growth possibilities
  • New and different solutions
  • Entrepreneurs 100% dedicated to your project